MITACOR Ticket Management System

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• SLA Management: Setting deadlines for ticket response and resolution based on business hours or categories.
• Ticket Closure Rules: Preventing ticket reopening upon customer responses like “thank you.”
• Canned Responses: Providing quick, consistent replies to common queries through pre-formatted responses.
• Ticket Collaboration: Discussing specific ticket parts with cross-organizational experts for optimal solutions.
• Ticket Linking: Connecting related tickets to monitor widespread issues and ensure consistent responses.
• Ticket Escalation: Breaking down complex issues into smaller child tickets for faster resolution.
• Contextual Support: Displaying relevant solutions based on customer location or platform (website, app, chat).
• Smart Solutions: Offering relevant solutions to customers, saving time for both agents and customers.
• Knowledge Base Integration: Hosting a repository of solutions and information for easy reference.
• Live Chat Engagement: Supporting and retaining customers through real-time chat interactions.
• Ticket Assignment: Manually Assigning tickets to agents/groups based on keywords, requesters, or properties.
• IP Whitelisting & Security: Securing login access via IP whitelisting or VPN integration.
• Field Service Management: Creating and tracking service tasks for field team responses.
• Mobile Field Support: Mobile friendly UI lay out support only not native mobile application.
• Event-Based Automation: Triggering actions on specific tickets based on predefined events.
• Self-Service Ticketing: Allowing customers to raise tickets and access related knowledge base articles.
• Field Technician Grouping: Organizing technician groups based on location, priority, etc., for efficient response.
• Workload-Based Ticket Assignment: Distributing tickets to agents based on workload or skills.
• Role-Based Permissions: Granting different access levels and actions based on agent roles.
• Community Forums: Providing a platform for community engagement and discussion.
• Customization Options: Able to change application logo only.
• Email-to-Ticket Conversion: Converting support emails into trackable tickets.
• Customer Satisfaction Monitoring: Gathering feedback through satisfaction reports.
• Time Tracking: Automatically logging billable hours.
• Maintenance Automation: Executing maintenance tasks on tickets based on predefined timelines.
• Appointment Management: Drag-and-drop scheduling and task assignment for field teams.
• Automated Notifications: Sending automatic updates to customers and agents regarding ticket changes.
• Real-Time Helpdesk Monitoring: Monitoring helpdesk performance with real-time data.
• Custom Reporting: Building and customizing reports to meet specific needs.
• Scheduled Reports: Setting up regular report deliveries via email.
• Widget Customization: Only one template for pdf report, logo can be change and customization adapt on application on theme only.
• Knowledge Base Enrichment: Allowing agents to convert ticket replies into knowledge base articles.


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